What is SMOP
The Society of Medical Oncology Pakistan (SMOP) was envisioned and created in 2018 by a group of leading oncologists with aim of enhancing patient care by improving the education of senior and junior doctors working in oncology. we want cancer care providers to be empowered in providing the best care possible for their patients.
Advancing Cancer Awareness
Raising awareness of cancer with the general public; in particular, we focus on early screening and preventative treatments.
Fostering Professional Growth
Providing a platform for the learning and professional development of oncology professionals.
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Message from the President

Pakistan, like other developing countries is experiencing a rise in the incidence of cancer, late presentations and > 50% mortality rate. Within this context, the Society for Medical Oncology Pakistan (SMOP) will provide a platform for oncology professionals to develop multidisciplinary approaches towards the treatment of cancer patients. At the same time, we would like to encourage indigenous research in providing contextually adapted solutions.

Since more than 30% of all cancers are related to infections, smoking, obesity and major environmental hazards such as air and water pollution in developing countries, SMOP aims to raise awareness in the public on the importance of early screening and preventative approaches.  As oncology professionals, we must educate the public to minimise the risk of cancer and encourage them to have cancers screened earlier so the disease can be treated more effectively.

Dr. Zeba Aziz
Professor of Oncology, Consultant Oncologist / Hematologist
Dr Zeba Aziz



We conduct our work without compromise on honesty. In our research, our expenditures, our judgments, and our approach to life, we are completely transparent, because transparency is the only way of ensuring integrity. 


We are whole-heartedly devoted to accomplishing our mission. In our support for one another, our service to our profession, and our care for our patients, we insist on complete commitment. 


We take full responsibility for all our actions and decisions. We alone are accountable for our professional conduct. 


The field of medical oncology is a fast-changing one; what was standard practice today is obsolete tomorrow. We are never satisfied with the status quo, but pushing for excellence at all times. Only thus can we fully serve our patients. 


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Comprehensive Review Of Hormone Positive Breast Cancer
New Frontier In Immuno-Oncology
Best of ASCO2022 Pakistan
3rd Annual Conference On Hematological Malignancies 2022


2nd Annual Virtual Conference on Hematology
February 5-7, 2021

Breast Cancer Symposium
February 20th, 2021

Best of ASCO21 Pakistan Virtual Meeting
6th Aug – 8th Aug 2021

ACORD21 Protocol Development Workshop
29th Aug – 3rd Sep 2021

Upcoming International Conferences

ASCO 2022 
3rd – 7th June 2022
Chicago, IL & Online

2022 ASCO Annual Meeting

After two years of joining from your home or office, it’s time to step out from behind those webcams, dust off your business attire, and put on your most comfortable shoes because we are ready and excited to welcome attendees back in-person Chicago.

AOS 2022 

16th June – 18th June 2022 

AOS 2022 2nd International Congress of Asian Oncology Society

It is with great delight that we invite you to join us on the momentous occasion of the 2nd International Congress of the Asian Oncology Society (AOS 2022), in conjunction with the 48th Annual Meeting of the Korean Cancer Association, to be held on June 16-18, 2022, in Seoul, Korea.

ESMO Congress
9th – 13th September 2022

The ESMO Congress 2022

The ESMO Congress 2022 will present the very latest advances in the treatment of cancer and offer an excellent educational programme, with a wealth of opportunities for exchange of ideas among delegates.

25th – 30th September 2022

Protocol Development Workshop

A one-week online program in effective clinical trial design for early career clinical cancer researchers from all oncology sub-specialties based in the Asia Pacific region.

EHOC 2022

5th  – 8th October 2022 

XIII Eurasian Hematology Oncology Congress (EHOC 2022) h

The online abstract submission system will be available and open until midnight 24:00 (Istanbul Time) on July 17, 2022.

JSCO Frontier Symposium
20th – 22nd October 2022

The Future of cancer treatment based on bonds of trust

October 20(Thu) – 22 (Sat), 2022 | KOBE Convention Center

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