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    The membership fee for the 1st year is sponsored by the Society of Medical Oncology Pakistan.

    Full Members:
    Full Members are persons who (1) are currently engaged in the practice, science, or technology of medical oncology at a professional level for 5 years and (2) meet at least one of the following combinations of education and/or experience:
    1. Certification by the American Board of Medical Oncology.
    2. Certification by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan.
    3. Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST) Medical Oncology UK
    4. Advanced Training in Medical Oncology Fellowship Program.
    Early Career Members:
    The Early Career Members are persons who are young professionals and new members. This category offers full voting member benefits at a discounted membership rate for 5 years.
    Associate Members:
    Associate Members are persons who lack the necessary qualifications for election as Full Members but who have sufficient interest in medical oncology to apply for membership. The membership includes the benefits of a Full Member except an Associate Member may not hold office or vote.
    Student Members:
    Student Members are students who are engaged in full-time study in a field allied with one or more medical oncology disciplines. The membership includes the same privileges as an Associate Member. Proof of status as a student must be demonstrated each year.
    Members Emeritus:
    Members Emeritus are former Full Members who have (1) reached the age of 70 or ceased to function professionally in the field of medical oncology because of permanent disability, (2) retired from active employment, and (3) held membership in the Society at least 10 consecutive years prior to reaching the age of 70 or becoming permanently disabled.
    Emeritus status may be obtained upon request to the Executive Director and payment of dues established for the class. Privileges accruing to this class of membership shall not be less than the privileges enjoyed by a Full Member.
    Life Members:
    Life Members are persons who have been designated by the Awards Committee and approved by the Board of Directors as persons worthy of Life Membership in the Society. There is no dues requirement and privileges accruing to this class of membership shall not be less than privileges enjoyed by a Full Member.
    Affiliate Members:
    Affiliates are organizations whose interests in the general field of medical oncology are such as to warrant a formal working relationship with the Society. There shall be no voting rights for this class of members.
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